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0U In-line power meter for 19" Racks 0U In-line power meter for 19" Racks PDUeX Rack Power Monitoring features and Environmental Monitoring option

In-line power meter, single port, 32A IEC60309 input, 32A IEC60309 output, power sensor unit total amps and kWh monitoring, optional temperature-humidity sensor probe measuring

PDUeX Inline Power Meter series is a remotely monitored PDU that supports total power monitoring by looping the unit consumer or basic PDUs

With PDUeX Inline Power Meters you can:

- Measure current, kWh in line with PDUs or consumers directly
- Receive SNMP alerts when power or environmental
  conditions exceed thresholds;
- Allocate users specific access rights to selected outlets or groups;
- Obtain detailed power information to get better uptime and productivity;
- Improve capacity planning through power consumption information

Key Features are:
- kWh Monitoring, Total Power Monitoring
- Protocols: Http, Https, SNMP, DHCP, UDP
- Alarm Thresholds: User-Defined Alarm, Thresholds for Warning and Overload Notification
- Event Alerts: Email, Trap, Audible Alarm

PDUeX Inline Power Meter series allow to monitor rack power consumption information from a remote interface. If a attached concumer has gone into a power overload state, a imidiate Notification by Email or SNMP Trap alarms service people so they can immediately handle to avoid power disasters.
Environmental monitoring: Optionally one sensor probe for to measure temperature and humidity can be connected per device.
Basic form factor for 19" racks, also avalable in 16A version/ European output sockets.
EUsocket big

88 x 380 x 44 mm
0U Vertical mounted or 2U Horizontal

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