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ENVIeX8 Featured

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8 port - Environmental Monitoring Device 8 port - Environmental Monitoring Device PDUeX ENVIeX4 unit, 1U, RS485 based, expandable up to 32 sensor probes when daiys chaining

NEW! Environmental Monitoring System base unit, 8 ports, star topology and/or daisy chaining possible, auto detecting up to 64 sensor probes for tracking, trending and analisys
(coming up with NEW 19 inch 1U Rack housing, discontinuing PDUeX ENV-Hub)

ENVIeX series is a remotely controled Evironmental Monitoring Device that supports up to 8 sensors and/or actuators per port, when chaining with PDUeXs KEX sensor probes.
The device software supports various TCP/IP protocols; including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP to monitor and control all sensor probes and actuators.

PDUeX ENVIeX series provide:

- Temperature and Humidity measuring,
- Smoke detection
- Water detection, logging
- Door Open/Closed detection
- Security IR Sensor/ Motion detection
- Air Flow measuring
- Audible/ Visual Alarm (Caution Strobe with Siren)
- Rack Door Lock control (ENVIeX8 and ENVIeX16 and KWX PDUs only)

The PDUeX ENVIeX environmental rack monitoring system allows the logging of up to 128 values from KEX series sensors. The device features an Ethernet interface to be connected to the network. Controlled by an integrated web server that allows intuitive configuration of parameters and thresholds, sensor type depending functions, ENVIeX units can be accessed by (multi-) user login or SNMP. Current values are also displayed directly on the device front display (ENVIeX8 and 16) by soft touch menu bottoms.

A broad variety of intelligent sensors are supported. Once plugged and auto-sensed the related feature will be recognized for immediate monitoring equipment environmental variations, will notify through “WEB, SNMP Alerts or via SMS gateway.
ENVIeX devices and KWX-PDUs can be combined with any Networking Management Software and the PDUeXCommand Enterprise system. This helps preventing any disaster in advance, monitors and controls also encrypted from anywhere remotely.

Great match with PDUeXCOMMAND, have a look!

Works great for PDUeXCOMMAND

1U 19" Horizontal W D H = 19" x 214.9 x 44.4 mm
0U mounted L W D = 33 x 120 x 66 mm

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