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24 port 16 Amp, single phase 19" Rack-PDU 24 port 16 Amp, single phase 19" Rack-PDU PDUeX Rack PDU with per Outlet Monitoring featuring complete Environmental Monitoring

24 ports, 16A  (21 x lockable C13, 3 x C19), IEC60309 input, circuit breaker, per outlet monitored and (on/off) switchable, total PDU amps and kWh monitoring, serial, auxiliary and sensor probe connections

KWX-N4 series is a remotely monitored PDU that supports multitasking and multiuser access.

The software supports various TCP/IP protocols; including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, SMTP etc. to monitor the input voltage, total current, each ports current, switch on/off per ports and the rack environments sensor probes.

KWX IP PDU includes two series, KWX-N series and KWX-S series.

KWX-N series is a IP remote monitor PDU
KWX-S series is a serial based PDU

Booth can be conceptually combined in order to save IP addresses, redundant equipment or to fit any other given infrastructure and policy.

KWX-N and KWX-S series are a new generation of PDUs. They consequently combine network power distribution, environmental monitoring and provide real-time remote power consumption of total current load and voltage, monitor each outlets on/off status.
KWX series can be accessed via LAN/WAN or over serial interface.
Environmental monitoring: Up to eight sensor probes for to measure temperature and humidity, detect Smoke, Water and Intrusion (door, infrared) can be connected per device. Two basic form factors apply, all are available in Intl./European socket and plug types combinations (also ask for PDUeX special PDUs):
EUsocket big
1U 19" Horizontal W D H = 19" x 206.9 x 44.4 mm
0U Vertical mounted L W D = X x 58 x 44.4 mm
"X" length varies on outlet style and number

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