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Door Contact Sensor Probe for 19" Rack Installs Door Contact Sensor Probe for 19" Rack Installs PDUeX ENVIeX monitoring device accessory featuring chaining box

Door Sensor Probe with 10ft (3m) cable, for 19" rack or technical room monitoring, e.g. for Rack -Front  and Back Door contact-installs

PDUeX KEX series sensor probes are connected with ENVIeX environmental monitiring devices and KWX series PDUS. They allow precise measurments being collected over RS485.

KWX and ENVIeX are forwarding sensor values using various TCP/IP protocols; including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP to reliably to inform about sensor probes and actuators connected.

KEX series sensors and actuators are available for:

- Temperature and Humidity
- Smoke detection
- Water detection, logging
- Door Open/Closed detection
- Security IR Sensor/ Motion detection
- Air Flow measuring
- Audible/ Visual Alarm (Caution Strobe with Siren)

PDUeX KEX series sensor probes are made for high precision, low latency measuring and detection. All sensor can be in a daisy chain or build in star topology, when using with 4-, 8-, or 16 port ENVIeX series base units.

All PDUeX KEX devices are coming with a respective chaining box, are self configurating to allow web interface viewing and SNMP management. PDUeX microprocessor controlled sensors are designed to record accurate data with low latency, compatible with all PDUeX KWX-N and KWX-S and ENVIeX series devices.

0U form factors apply (except Air flow unit).

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