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Have a look at PDUeX newst kWh PDU series: KWX

PDUeX-KWX N1 and N3 series is an intelligent power management solution designed and equipped with a smart current-meter (True RMS) that shows the total power consumption of the PDU.

PDUeX and new PDUeX KWX N2 and N4 series provide all tooling to gather energy information including: Voltage, Frequency, Power Factor, Active Power, Apparent Power and kWh Per Outlet on Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Power Consumption Data by utility.

Our Target: substantial improvements of PDU usability, managableness and scaling barness, far beyond original foundations.

PDU eXpert offers comprehensive capabilities that combine Smart Meter, Remoter Power Switch, Information Collection/Analysis and Power Protection to enable Smart Grid and Smart Metering initiatives.

    • So called kWh PDUs provide v arious advanced and  power informations, including voltage, current, frequency, power factor, VA and kWh. It also provide carbon emission data for users reference.

    • Our new HD PDU provide high capacity power source by dual input power to remote control and monitor your heavy power load devices.

    • Monitored PDU allows an administrator to monitor PDU power consumption information from a remote terminal and interface. This can be helpful if a remote machine has gone into a power overload state and an administrator can handle immediately to avoid power disaster.

    • Downward compatibility with earlier versions of components, software and other extensions




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