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PDUeX Enterprise Software

PDUeX Enterprise Software
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 Determine and manage multiple active power distribution units, environmental sensor probes and fail-save power systems from centralized locations. Configure alarm notifications, activity logging, reporting and trending for power and environmental information via role based user login and access. PDUeX's browser-based consoles and dashboards are accessible from anywhere, give save and easy to read global overviews of your power infrastructure assets. while allowing you to tool down to the company data centres, enclosures and single outlet or consumer levels.

PDUeX soft- and firmware systems are supporting all monitoring and standard network management software systems. PDUeXCOMMAND by it selves has been designed to provide vital information about power conditions and statuses of all intelligent distribution units and a wide range of network based sensors and actuators from differently miscellaneous environments.

PDUeX Software settles five core functionalities for modern day system management to:

1. Monitor and manage large amounts of PDUs and power consumption data simultaneously.
2. Individually group access, management and switching of a large amount of PDUs /PDU-Outlets or server and networking power supplies.
3. Provide power consumption charting for daily, monthly or user/tenant-defined periods reports.
4. Distribute notification emails and traps to specific accounts when power or environmental events occur.
5. Forwarding information to databases user-defined accounts and syslog servers for dereferencing events and system proceedings.


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